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Chester Lodge, Woodcock Hill,

Felbridge, Surrey, RH19 2RD

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Chester Lodge Woodcock Hill       
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9am - 5pm

How To Find Us

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Our Mission

- To bring back local Farm Vets across parts of South-East England, permitting clients to establish long-term relationships with their local vet.
- To provide a reliable, friendly, personal, 24/7 service by a team of experienced farm animal vets
- Offer a good value and affordable service to our clients:
  • Veterinary medicines prescribed by Green Counties Vets will be competitive against internet pharmacy prices. 
  • Our vets work as a co-operative and are all self employed so there is no VAT on vet time.

NEW - Collect your GC vets prescribed medicines from a local, friendly small animal surgery

As we are not competitors to independent companion animal surgeries, and farm vets are increasingly rare in the South-East many are choosing to help us (and perhaps some of their own clients) by becoming medicine collection points for our Vet medicines bought by our clients.  We hope to have over 20 in due course.   Please click HERE to find the surgery most convenient for you.

We are a team of large animal vets providing excellent and compassionate veterinary care for all farm animals  species and camelids.
We were established in 2015 to meet a growing need for specialist farm animal and camelid vets in the South East.
Our aim is to help you improve the health, welfare and productivity of your business no matter what the size.

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