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Felbridge, Surrey, RH19 2RD

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Flexible working and 50% higher pay per day than veterinary assistants employed by large corporate veterinary groups.

At GCvets we are looking for motivated, capable, self-sufficient Farm/Small holder vets who want to work in the South East 2 to 4 days a week, but do not want to work for a corporate vet group.  To minimise travel,  remote working is encouraged so you can look after your client base near where you live.   
Support is given by other members of the team in clinical work if needed.  A range of equipment and IT facilities are supplied in order for you to function efficiently as a farm vet.   We believe we are the only farm vet business in the South East with dedicated in-patient facilities (including own paddock).  We share a site with Lingfield Equine (RH19 2RD) and have use of their nurses who have their own vehicles/portable digital equipment.
Running your own non-VAT registered company billing your own professional time and visit charges, will permit you to earn upto 50% more per day than an an average employed vet assistant.   This is possible, even if your professional rates are very competitive to your clients, as  none of your billing goes to shareholders or the costs of corporate headquarters.    So being "your own boss" does have its advantages!
The veterinary medicines and products consumed or prescribed/sold to your clients are invoiced by Portland Vets (with VAT on this invoices).  These veterinary medicines are price matched to leading internet pharmacies, so you will never loose a client due to uncompetitive medicine prices.   Our online store system permits easy ordering for your clients enabling them to collect purchased products from a small animal surgery collection point near to them. 

If you are interested in joining our co-operative,  as we are recruiting now,  then please call or email. 

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